Sometimes, it’s more fun to mix it up

There is something to love and appreciate about traditions. Sometimes, though, it’s more fun to mix it up. Here are some not-your-average twists on traditions that we’ve seen:

  1. Twist on Flower Girls . . . “Beer Boys!” If your wedding party is kid-free and you’re not interested in walking down a flower, petal-strewn aisle, consider Beer Boys! Ask a friend or a cousin to walk down the aisle with ice-cold beer, tossing it to your over-21 guests! This would be great during a summer wedding.
  2. Butterfly Ceremony . . . A butterfly release during the ceremony is a beautiful way to remember your loved ones who can’t be with you at your wedding.
  3. Ribbon Wands . . . Instead of throwing rice, consider handing out ribbon wands. They’re a cute and clean way for you guests to show their excitement during the ceremony. It also makes for an amazing picture when you have your first kiss, and it’s a beautiful exit as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple.
  4. Pre-Cocktail Hour . . . Hosting a cocktail prior to your ceremony is not only a lot of fun for your guests, but also an incentive for your guests to not run late to the ceremony.
  5. Getting Ready Together . . . The biggest non-tradition of them all. As an alternative to not seeing each other or doing a first look is getting ready together. It’s intimate and unforgettable and can make for a fantastic photo opportunity.

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