Don’t waste your money on a useless favor

Don’t waste your money on a useless favor that will be left behind or thrown away after the celebration. Favors are things you want your guests to enjoy using or take home and treasure as a remembrance of your wedding for years to come. Here are some ideas that will last longer than you might think:

  1. Bottle opener . . . Bottle openers are a fun and practical favor that can fit with any style of wedding. They can also be personalized with etching or a decorative tag.
  2. Small bottles . . . Fill them with the couples’ favorite hot sauce, olive oil from the Italian region you’re honeymooning in, local honey, or a signature alcoholic beverage, and attach a message to them. Your guests will love these favors because they’re useful, unique, and memorable.
  3. Coffee . . . Perfect for the bride and groom who love coffee and want to share that love with their guests. Customize the coffee packaging and offer choices if you’d like!
  4. Custom glassware . . . Glassware is a collectible item for people. Not only can your guests take these items home, but they can also use them at the wedding. Personalized glassware can be a clever addition to your tables if you’re assigning seats.
  5. Succulents or plant seeds . . . Perfect for an outdoor wedding. You can personalize tiny pots with succulents inside or even personally seed packages of your favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs.
  6. Koozies . . . Practical and easy to personalize, koozies can be useful at your wedding and for years to come. They’re appreciated by drinkers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike.

If you need more ideas, reach out to a wedding coordinator. We have seen so many favors over the years and can help you find one that will fit your wedding perfectly.

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