Picking colors and designing the look for your big day

We spent a great deal of time talking about the financial side of weddings.  Though important, not the most fun part of the process; so let’s switch it up a bit and start having fun planning your wedding!

When it comes to finding the perfect color scheme, it can be a challenge. Whether you want to be bold or subtle, make sure those colors suit you. The color combinations could accent your and your fiancé’s personalities combined or simply color coordinate to the time of year of your wedding.

If you’re having a winter wedding, your palette should be neutral or dark. The most popular colors we have seen during this time of year are Dark or Emerald Green & Gold, Dusty Blue & Silver, Black & White, and Burgundy & Gold. The winter months signify being bold and standing out from others, so get creative when putting your colors together.

Spring weddings are typically soft, easy, and subtle. They take every color and turn it into a light pastel. Take this year’s voted color of the year: Very Peri as an example. Combinations perfect for this time of year include Green & White, Very Peri & Peach, Light Grey & Light Blue, and Light Pink & White. Light touches of color surround these months and therefore should be light and subtle.

When it comes to summer, we’re thinking of a different type of bold than winter. This is a tropical bright bold. Orange & Yellow, Hot Pink & Gold, Coral & Green, and Plum Purple & White. Colors that are not shy and want to be right out in the sunlight or in your case, the spotlight.

Lastly, fall is the time of year for those who love Pumpkin Spice Lattes and boho styles. These colors match this perfectly. Rust & Ivory, Navy Blue & Pumpkin, Mauve, Burgundy & White, or even Rust & Yellow. These colors warm up the cold ones. Feel free to mismatch these colors and get creative with them. These are some ideas to jump-start your creativity.  If you’re stumped, consider consulting with an event designer or wedding planner. They can also help you tie in your colors to the location you have selected.

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