What can a wedding coordinator do that I can’t do myself?

While putting on a wedding without a wedding coordinator is certainly possible, it isn’t necessarily the best option. There are many things wedding coordinators do, but number one on the list is making sure everything runs smoothly so that you can enjoy a stress-free wedding day. There are so many last-minute to-dos, issues that come up with vendors, and unforeseen obstacles to overcome. You name it, we have seen it all. That’s why hiring an experienced professional to coordinate your wedding day is so important. We help ensure that – for you and your guests – the day is relaxed, fun, and memorable. If you want a wedding day that is free from vendors knocking on your door asking where they need to be and when and free from running around showing people where they need to go and what they need to do, invest in a wedding coordinator. Many people don’t know what being a wedding coordinator entails and thus find it unnecessary. The truth is, we spend our careers bending over backward to make things go according to plan for our couples. Everything doesn’t always run smoothly, and that’s why leaving the messy parts to a professional can ensure a successful day and one that you’re free to enjoy without worry.

  • Florist delivered the wrong flowers? We’re on it.
  • Band got lost on the way to the venue? We’ve got it covered.
  • Bridesmaid ripped her dress? Wedding planner to the rescue.

Let these things – and there’s always something – be someone else’s concern on your wedding day. Afterward, the only thing you will know is how perfect and smooth everything went. When a bride isn’t stressed or overwhelmed and gets to enjoy the wedding day the way it should be enjoyed, it makes all the work we do worthwhile. Seeing the satisfaction on our couple’s faces and knowing they had a great day is what drives us and makes us love what we do. Schedule a free consult with us or a wedding coordinator, and we can show you how we can work with you on your wedding.

Example: Unexpected situations arise all the time. There is no way around it; nothing ever goes perfectly. Take, for example, an outdoor wedding that took place on a beautiful – but incredibly windy day. The last thing a bride wants to be concerned about is centerpieces pieces flying all over the place or a guest getting hurt by a glass arrangement blowing over. As coordinators, we control these situations in a variety of ways. We seek options to fix the problem, communicate to the bride what is going on, and make recommendations about what to do. We never decide without the couple’s approval. As professionals, we see situations like this all the time and draw on our vast experience to fix any problem and overcome any challenge, be it weather or otherwise.

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