Helpful tips for choosing a venue

The venue is a very important step and should be among the first tasks to do during your wedding planning. Key things to consider,

  1. Does it fit your budget?
  2. Are you looking for a space to accommodate both the ceremony and reception?
  3. If the ceremony and reception are in different locations, is the reception venue near the ceremony location?
  4. Do you prefer an outdoor or indoor setting?
  5. If you opt for outdoor, do you like the indoor contingency?
  6. What size space will accommodate your guest count?
  7. Is there plenty of parking or parking services offered?
  8. Does it have good reviews?

Start narrowing down your venue options by answering these questions. They will help play a role in your decision-making.

Unless you have a desired venue that holds special meaning, we suggest your selection be easy for your guests to access, especially if you have grandparents and older guests that will be in attendance. Alternatively, we suggest you provide clear directions for guests to follow. These can be included with your invitations.

Once a venue is booked, you can breathe easy. The remaining tasks are the fun part. Check out the last blog about choosing your colors by the season of your wedding. As always, we highly recommend seeking help from a Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator. Using help lessens the stress and makes the planning process more enjoyable.  

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