Events can be a huge expense…

Events can be a huge expense; however, if you have the time and dedication, then you can make your event look glamorous without it breaking your wallet. Consider using what are must have’s and what are nice to have or what you can do alternatively to get what you want but in an economical way. This will take more time out of your schedule, but it will be worth it. Who knows? You might find a hidden talent along the way.


  • Keep It Simple (Don’t Overdecorate)
  • DIY Favors and DIY Bridal Gifts (Great job to give creative friends)
  • DIY Centerpieces and DIY Arrangements
  • Artificial Floral Arrangements
  • Consolidate Your Guest List
  • Purchase Wedding Attire on clearance
  • Give jobs to friends or family (Music, Bartender, etc.)
  • Cake-Only Dessert
  • Weekday Event (Venues may be discounted)

These are some ways to keep your event affordable. You can still have decorations and services without you putting a ton of money into them. This also might leave a budget for other things that might be of more importance for you to spend your money. If you need budgeting assistance, hiring an event planner may help you find cost-effective alternatives and give you more insight on where you can splurge.

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