Be prepared for missed wedding costs!

Something is always left out or forgotten that will need to be accounted for last minute.

Security: Wedding insurance depending on your venue and vendors. You will want this in case of emergencies, weather, etc. We recommend this so you don’t lose or waste your money later.

Vendor Meals: Now, this isn’t required but it is recommended and the nice thing to do for those hard-working individuals hired to work the duration of your wedding.

Gratuity: While this isn’t required and ultimately the decision is up to you, it is recommended. See our next blog about which vendors to tip and typically how much.

Overtime Fees: Remember when booking your DJ, photographer, videographer, etc. it is for a certain amount of time. If things may run a little late or your crowd wants that “ENCORE!”, time is money. These fees may hit you after the fact so keep that on your radar.

Marriage License Fee: This one can’t be avoided, and the cost depends on which state you are getting your marriage license. For example, in the State of Florida, it costs $93.50. They have an option to reduce this fee by completing a licensed pre-marital course through the State. Regardless, put that fee into account.

While we can’t list every fee that might be a possibility, we can offer our services on budgeting for your wedding so missed fees can be avoided.

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